13 November 2017

The best way to visit the area around you

Have you ever imagined to explore the most beautiful places of a city by bike?

Well, I think so!

Maybe not imagined to do so while riding an electric bicycle and maybe you had not even thought about the possibility of following interactive itineraries, that can guide you, according to your preferences, historical, naturalistic or even food route.

This has come NetBike, an innovative bike rental pedal assistance, equipped with tablet, with a dedicated App, able to guide you in the most hidden corners of the city.

Imagine yourself in the saddle of your e-bike, pedaling through the beautiful monuments, natural and architectural around you, accompanied by a gentle sea breeze or the intoxicating scents of citrus groves. Through the App, in fact, you can access not only to the route map, but also to the interactive guide which, through georeferencing, will show you the points of interest in real time during the trip. In addition, the pedal assistance bike will allow, even to those who do not like too much effort (and sweat too much!), You can make less beaten paths but also more interesting from a naturalistic point of view and knowledge of the territory.

Italy and especially Sicily are ideal destinations for lovers of biking, but above all, are able to offer different themes built along the same path and, because of that related to the landscape, archeology, cultural heritage, the pilgrimages, food and wine and more route.

Backpack and go!

Immerse yourself in the streets of the countries and of the most beautiful towns in Italy!

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