13 November 2017

NetBike – Winner of the Oscar Green Award

On July 13, the Oscar Green event was held in the Ortobotanico Garden of the Sicilian capital, Palermo, the prize promoted by Coldiretti Giovani Impresa, which was awarded the 11th edition, which aims to valorise the work of many young people who have chosen for their future To do business on their own territory.

The event hosted great representatives of the Sicilian Region and the same Coldiretti Federation, including Agriculture Counselor Antonello Cracolici, who talked about strategy, entrepreneurial paths, exports, the quality of Made in Sicily and the excellence of which the territory It boasts.In particular, the event was the occasion to divulge the message that good entrepreneurship exists and can also be done in Sicily; Young people are the new promoters of this trend whose desire to play in the game and enhance the land that has grown them has driven them into wagering on new business models capable of attracting resources and investing in them by revitalizing one of the most traditional sectors On which our economy counts.

“Oscar Green is the recognition of a renewal and development work that farmers carry forward every day” So the Coldiretti regional delegate Young company, Ignazio Gibiino, talks about this project and its originality that wants to reward those who decide to bet. It is an acknowledgment for young entrepreneurs who have distinguished themselves in so many subfunds and are able to profit and work from the company. “”Young people are the productive face of a sector that likes more and more to under 30s.

The NetBike project was the winner of the category FARE RETE in this field, demonstrating that combining agriculture and technology as well as traditional handicrafts and the digital world, reaching up to the fields of tourism and cultivar research, one can get an excellent result that can enhance And rediscover the territory as it had never been before.
Companies are the main catalysts of excellence in this movement that promote responsible tourism, a slow and sustainable tourism capable of appreciating the journey along the way and enjoying it without sacrificing the most characteristic locations of the proposed routes.

NetBike with its app has been appreciated by all the public present by previewing the features of the app with an ad hoc path created to enhance the countries at the foot of the “Muntagna” and far from the chaos of the city but not for that less attractive from the point Of a cognitive and naturalistic view.Below you can find the video of our interview at the Regional TG.

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