13 November 2017

Excursion: Cycling in the moonlight

The last month’s event in August, for the Catania nightclub tour, signed by NetBike and Onde and Lapilli, saw participants discover the city differently and fun.

The participants, during the last tour, had the chance to ride for Catania Liberty, accompanied by exceptional guides and a team of unique and prepared assistance teams.From the collaboration between Catania and NetBike tourist guides, the idea is to create different cultural tours, to live in the evening, pedaling comfortably on the latest generation of e-bikes.

The goal is to offer a 2.0 cultural service and to involve tourists and citizens, to show them the most beautiful and unknown sides of the city of Catania.
The tours organized to date have touched on different themes:

– “Catania Magica” focused on the discovery of the Catanian Baroque. (event of 28 / July / 2017)

– “Catania Liberty” focused on Belle Époque. Cyclists visited the most elegant Liberty villas and palaces in the course of Italy and the historic center, which at the beginning of the twentieth century represented the bourgeois elite of Belle Époque. (event of August 25, 2017).

Evening tours are getting more and more, lasting an hour and a half, and are organized in a dynamic and fun way with the aim of bringing the youngest to the initiative.
The assisted pedaling bikes also allow the less trained to follow the group without too much effort.

Thanks to the work of Onde and Lapilli and NetBike, the numerous participants could discover Catania one hundred percent, experiencing an unforgettable experience.

Follow NetBike on social, stay updated and find out which will be the new itinerary for the month of October. Book your tour and live the city as you never thought about doing.

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