Is possible to collect and deliver the e-bike at any time and day of the week?

No, the opening and closing times of NetBike are:

from Monday to Friday 9.30 - 12.30; 15.30 - 18.00

Saturday and Sunday 10.00am - 12.00am; 4.00 - 5.00 pm

N.B. reservation is required.

How does the pick-up and drop-off service cost?

To get it, you need to contact us by mail, we usually calculate an average of € 0.50 Km, the starting point is our store.

Is shuttle service provided?

No shuttle service is provided, but by contacting us with due notice we will be available to arrange your shuttle service.

Is it possible rent e-bikes at the weekends?

You can rent bikes on weekends, but delivery or pickup can be made on Saturdays or Sundays, only if communicated by 18pm on Friday.

What accessory are included in the rental?

When a customer rents a bike, included in the price, they will be provided: helmet, padlock, repair kit, and battery charger.

For a two day (or more) rental, a reserved air room will be included in the price.

How many kms can you ride with a e-bike?

The number of running KMs varies according to the model chosen, from a minimum of 70 Kms (Benelli Giò) up to 100 Kms (Benelli Alpan) and will depends to the intensity of assistance chosen.

What e-bike measures are available?

Our bike fleet offers a wide choice. City bikes are available in 26" and 28". MTBs are available in 27.5 "and 29".

Which additional accessories is possible to request?

In case of rent for a single day, you can apply for a deposit: bags (€ 5), air box (€ 4) and inflated and repaired kit (€ 7).

If additional accessories are used, the customer will be deducted the amount indicated by the deposit.

In case of non-use of the additional accessories, at the time of return, the customer will be entitled to the refund of the deposit.

In case of rent for two (or more days) the air-chamber will be supplied included in the price.

Is possible to request the pick up and drop off service?

No, for these requests we ask you to contact NetBike through the contact form of the contact us section of the website. You can instead request the shuttle service (transfer) for e-Bike pick-up after booking.

If the e-Bike is not delivered at the scheduled time of delivery, a supplement is required?

Yes, in the case of hire for a period of 4 hours. Failure to return at the scheduled time provides for the payment of a supplement of € 5.00 per h.

Is possible to request roadside assistance during the period of use of the e-Bike?

No, NetBike - as per contract - does not deal with the roadside assistance service in case of breakdowns, accidents and / or accidents.

Is possible to rent an e-bike for a minor?

If the child, at the time of signing the rental contract, has already turned 16 and is in the presence of a parent and / or legal representative during the rental period, it is possible to rent an e-Bike.