13 November 2017

NetBike in Maratea: an experience of heroes

Heroes meet in Maratea, the Euro-Mediterranean Coinnovation Festival has been renewed for the second edition.
The event dedicated to the future and innovation took place from 21 to 23 September 2017, in the frame of the charming town of Maratea, where guests and participants were welcomed by the fascinating scenery, but above all a tight program of round tables, speech, interviews, workshops and laboratories.
The format of the initiative has also provided an exhibition area dedicated to startup and a section dedicated to experimentation; Since then, NetBike has aroused the public’s interest and has also participated in the major events and interviews scheduled at this international event thanks to the number of speakers who have reached the city from all over the world.

The event was meant to be a perfect accompaniment to discover the territory, certainly less crowded during the year.

The “heroes” of our time have been the cornerstone of this event that can attract world-class guests of the tech scene; the aim of the event was to encourage the encounter, collaboration and the emergence of new alliances between supply and innovation, through a contaminated and co-design approach.A precious opportunity for startup, small and medium sized businesses, researchers, digital talents, policy makers and investors.Large space, therefore, was reserved for the most promising business ideas in the country thanks to the Heroes Prize Competition; Among them, the NetBike project has been highlighted, comparing with projects from more varied themes: from domotics to biomedics, from medicine to precision agriculture.

Our pedal-assisted bicycles, equipped with tablets with integrated tourist trails, fascinated, overwhelmed and conquered all the participants of the Lucan event: from Rai Basilicata, who dedicated a small interview, to the interventions and suggestions of the investors, to the our “opponents”; NetBike intrigued everyone.
In fact, NetBike has returned with two prizes: the first one is called “Basilicata Development”, ie collaboration with a company-based institution providing support for development, research and competitiveness, so that our mission may also land in the territory of the Basilicata region; The second prize has been awarded to us directly by Odoo, and it consists of a highly performing and innovative business software.

Proud and full of joy for these awards, we thank the whole organization of Heroes meet in Maratea for having made us breathe simultaneously the air of innovation and tradition, and made us understand that the weapon wins in everything that is done today, today is the passion, determination and constant desire to improve; and in this we are not second to anyone.

Below is the video story of our experience.

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