13 November 2017

Your biking adventure in one of the finest Sicily’s islands

Think an island in the sea where being able to spend the more time you can in contact with nature, think, furthermore, to have a chance to discover places where the time seems never being passed.
Do you seem to dream?
Yes, it may seem strange, but there really places where this is possible!
Want to share this small rout of 28 km, Signed NetBike, with you!
The path on e-bikes starts from the port of Vulcano. From this beautiful little port you can already feel the silent volcano smells that animates the island. Continue, then, crossing the bridge of mud where recommend to do a small refreshing break and enjoying the benefits for the skin, for bone and respiratory diseases thanks to the activity of the thermal waters. In particular, there are three different areas: the “puddle of mud”, the “warm sea” or “hot water” and fumaroles. Start again the path continuing along the road and stop to admire on the left the little church of Vulcano. From here you can start heading to Vulcano Piano end watching the more adventurous that climbing on the central crater. Once continue climb along the road to get to Capo Grillo; seize at this point the chance to make a little pit-stop and admire the view, especially if you are there at sunset, and why not, even for breath!
I know, it will seem that the time has flown but it is already time to take the bike back and forth to Gelso. Along the way, we do not doubt that you will be charmed from the streets lined features from plants of blackberry, whose heady scent will accompany you along the whole way. Continue, therefore, to the last point of interest of this path; always follow the road and arrive until the beach, where, you can visit the old lighthouse of Gelso, one of the more characteristic places of this beautiful land, that noted the island just opposite the Sicilian coast and where Ends Our tour.
Ready to discover the other paths?
#StayTuned and #EnjoyourBike

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