13 November 2017

Catania: first national tourist destination

According to a survey conducted by skyscanner, travel search globally engine, the city that is located on the slopes of the highest volcano in Europe would be the favorite tourist destination among Italians by the number of bookings received close to the Easter holidays.

But there’s more!

Catania was, in fact, the fourth sought and desired tourist destination at international level, according to rankings compiled by the portal, behind only London, Amsterdam, and New York.
The natural and architectural beauty of the famous elephant cities even exceed best known destinations for tourists from around the globe, including Paris (two places behind Catania) and Barcelona, which remains in the same position (sixth in the world).

This unexpected success is also accredited by dissemination of information Fontanarossa airport in Catania, for the year 2016 (about 8 million passengers), then confirm that the 20% increase in traffic recorded only in January 2017.

To reinforce these findings certainly have helped the research, conducted in 2016, which show that the volcano Etna proves to be the tourist attraction with the most growth of interest among international travelers according to the TripAdvisor site.

So, what to add?!? You just have to discover the ancient wonders that are hidden within this beautiful volcanic and fascinating city like no other in the world.

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