On the trail of Montalbano

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Starting from the tourist port of Marina di Ragusa you can take several cycling routes, different for degree of difficulty and tourist attractions to visit. The area, in fact, is renowned by the cycling movement thanks to its morphological nature. Moving on the coastal side in the direction of Casuzze and Kaucana until you reach Punta Secca and continuing towards Scoglitti you can admire the views that have made the famous commissioner Montalbano, protagonist of the homonymous fiction, fall in love with the place.
This journey of about 40 km is also practicable by those who are not particularly trained, as the use of pedal assisted bicycles of the latest generation allows you to eliminate the problem of fatigue making the experience lived unforgettable.
What makes this route even more evocative comes from the wonderful landscapes that are encountered during the development of the same. A special thanks to the notoriety of these places, now overwhelmed by summer tourism, is owed to the great writer Andrea Camilleri who has been able to bring the wonders home inside the house, giving the possibility to feel the inebriating smells of the ancient citrus groves and to imagine the colors of the sunset of this beautiful land even to those who have never set foot there.

The route will touch several places of interest including:

Punta Secca

The first place of interest you can visit is Punta Secca, probably the best known seaside village of the seaside village of Santa Croce Camerina, made famous thanks to the house of Commissioner Montalbano, whose terrace is one of the most photographed spots by visitors.

Punta Braccetto

Location known thanks to the historical evidence of the remains of the Vigliena tower connected to the other two towers, Torre di Pietro and Torre Scalambri, which together formed the body of sighting of Capo Scalambro.


This small town has a particular historical interest as it was the theater of the Husky operation for the Anglo-American disembarkation occurred on 9 and 10 July 1943, commonly called Landing in Sicily.

The excursion can be carried out in complete autonomy thanks to the help of a tablet with an interactive geo-referenced guide.

You can book this route by going to the NetBike space inside the Marina di Ragusa marina or by calling +39 375 5646621.

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