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Ragusa Ibla, also called Ibla, is considered a pearl of the Baroque artistic and architectural movement. In the Ragusa dialect, the neighborhood is commonly called Iusu, or bassa (lower) Ragusa, to distinguish it from the upper one. It is also known as the “old city”, its unmistakable style, with noble palaces of both Renaissance and Baroque style, in fact it is recognized in every alley and in every square. The district of Ibla, like Scicli and many other municipalities in Ragusa, belongs to the rich “Val di Noto“, famous for being recognized as a World Heritage Site, UNESCO. The “Valle” or the “Vallo” takes its name from the ancient city of Noto, probably because, at the time of the Normans, there was the seat of the governor of the wall. The latter extended throughout the south-eastern Sicilian area, including the province of Ragusa, Syracuse and part of the provinces of Catania, Enna and Caltanissetta. Perhaps the responsible for a greater visibility to these wonderful places was the famous native writer Andrea Camilleri who, with his characters invented in the tales of Montalbano, made discover and fall in love the whole world of the wealth of this land, so difficult and hostile but at the same time so beautiful.
Most of the churches and palaces of the historic center have been the subject of careful reconstruction and a subsequent restoration phase, following the earthquake that devastated eastern Sicily in 1693. It is in this period in fact that we begin to see the first works of the Baroque movement, with avant-garde artists and architects such as Gagliardi to name one.

To reach Ibla it is possible to make a cycling tour starting from the tourist port of Marina di Ragusa. Although the route is about 50 km (round trip), it is easily accessible even to those who are not particularly trained thanks to the use of pedal assisted bicycles that can be hired in the appropriate NetBike box inside of the marina. In fact, pedal assisted bicycles make it possible to considerably reduce the problem of physical tiredness, ensuring that you complete the entire itinerary and enjoy a unique and evocative experience of its kind.

The route includes the main sites of historical interest, among which are:

Piazza Pola

One of the main squares of Ragusa Ibla, thanks also to the municipal buildings located in the square is considered in fact the hub of life in the neighborhood.

Palazzo Di Quattro

The Di Quattro palace was built in 1700 by the Duke Arezzi of San Filippo following the earthquake of 1693 on the area of ??a pre-existing building, then passing into property of the Di Quattro family from which it takes its current name.

Palazzo Battaglia

The Palazzo Battaglia is one of the most important testimonies of the Baroque age, for its immutable architectural beauty has been recognized as a UNESCO heritage site

The Cathedral of San Giorgio

The Cathedral of San Giorgio was built, after the 1693 earthquake, on the pre-existing church of San Nicola on the project of the great architect Rosario Gagliardi. The cathedral is one of the jewels not only of Ibla and of all of Sicily, but also of the entire baroque movement

The excursion can be carried out in complete autonomy thanks to the help of a tablet with an interactive geo-referenced guide.

You can book this route by going to the NetBike space inside the Marina di Ragusa marina or by calling +39 375 5646621

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