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Sicily boasts several records in the world, starting with its beautiful beaches and crystal clear sea for which it is best known. In addition to these wonders, the island also boasts a considerable number of UNESCO heritage sites that differ in their natural, cultural and architectural value. One of these is the picturesque “Val di noto” with its Baroque imprint that differs from any other architectural style. The Val di Noto, which took its name from the city of Noto – probably the seat of the governor of the vault at the time of the Normans – stretched throughout the south-eastern Sicilian area, including the province of Ragusa, Syracuse and part of the provinces of Catania, Enna and Caltanissetta. The valley, however, acquires its own identity following the earthquake of 1693, when major urban centers suffered serious damage causing destruction. It is in this period in fact that the creative vein of the most influential architects of the time is released, who have proceeded to the subsequent reconstruction by adopting architectural and artistic solutions, typical of the late Baroque, which characterize the entire Vallo and recognized Humanity heritage in 2002 .
Taking a cycle tour, starting from the port of marina of Marina di Ragusa, you can visit Scicli, one of the greatest architectural testimonies of this movement. The journey of about 40 km (round trip) is easily practicable and accessible even to those who are not particularly trained, thanks to the morphology of the territory in question and the use of pedal assisted bikes of the latest generation, which allow you to greatly reduce the problem of physical fatigue, ensuring a unique and inimitable experience.
The city of Scicli is a beautiful baroque center, considered a World Heritage Site and as such included in the UNESCO heritage list, which contains the historical legacies of the countries and populations that colonized it and shaped its history , which witness the countless monuments as well as the religious and civil architecture that swarm in every corner of the city.

The route, in fact, is structured in such a way as to include the main sites of historical interest, among which are:

Church of St. Teresa

Construction dating back to the eighteenth century and which was previously annexed to the former monastery of St. Teresa founded in 1660 by the Discalced Carmelites.

Spadaro Palace

Built in 1700 and belonged to the family of the same name who moved to Scicli in the seventeenth century. It is considered one of the most appreciated works for what concerns the expression of Baroque art.

Town Hall Building

Built between 1902 and 1906 where once stood the Benedictine Monastery, to which the Church of St. John the Evangelist was annexed.

Chiesa San Giovanni Evangelista

Founded before 1300 when the "Confraternita dei Nobili Bianchi" was established, famous in Scicli for its works of charity and mercy in favor of the population until 1860. When the church was sold to the monks of San Benedict, it became a monastery and helped to promote various religious and economic activities in the city. The church is today one of the most powerful expressions of the Sicilian baroque style.

Palazzo Beneventano

The enchanting Palazzo Beneventano is one of the most significant and original Baroque monuments of the 700 in the province and that most represents the charm that distinguishes this city.

Piazza Busacca

Designed towards the end of the nineteenth century, it is one of the main squares of Scicli, in the center of which there is a statue dedicated to Pietro di Lorenzo Busacca, a banker and benefactor much loved by fellow citizens who was also called the neighbor palace.

Church of San Bartolomeo

Set in a striking medieval setting, in a natural setting made of rocks, caves and houses of rare beauty, it is one of the most beautiful and ancient churches in the city.

The excursion can be carried out in complete autonomy thanks to the help of a tablet with an interactive geo-referenced guide.

You can book this route by going to the NetBike space inside the Marina di Ragusa marina or by calling +39 375 5646621

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